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Download and Install Fonts on Your Vivo Smartphone

One of my favorite features in Vivo’s skin is the ability to change the system font. While a small feature to have, a simple change in system font can lead to the whole system UI looking very fresh and new. Just like on its previous devices, Vivo has included the option to change system fonts on the your smartphone and added a few more customisation options to go along with it.

Tested Woks on Vivo Y21L,Vivo Y31L,Vivo Y55, Vivo V5, Vivo V3 and others

To change the system font, simply select any fonts and tap the ‘Apply’ button.

  1. Alexander

  2. Font All Things Pink

  3. Anjelika Rose

  4. BeautifulEveryTime_iFont

  5. Briemscript

  6. Burton’s Nightmare

  7. Cheeky Rabbit

  8. Chococooky_iFont

  9. Kitty Sweety

  10. Love

  11. Rosemary

  12. 365 Font

  13. Fourth Grader

  14. Daniel Font

  15. iPhone Font

  16. Stanberry font

  17. Pacifico Font

  18. Neon 80s font

  19. Lollipop font

  20. Deja font

  21. Cool Jazz Font

  22. Complete inHim font

  23. Celeste Hand Font

  24. Caprica Font

  25. Brush font

  26. BlockHead Font

  27. Averia Libre Font

  28. Abril FatFace Font

  29. Andrea Print Upright Font

  30. Candy Cane Font

  31. chocolate covered raindrops font

  32. kg like a skyscraper

  33. Jessica Elaine font

You may enjoy the font now!

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