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Bombus v0.4.6.986

Bombus is a jabber client for mobile phones with Java support. Supports communication with the users of ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Mail.ru Agent, GTalk. In theory, should be supported by all phones to the profile Java MIDP-2.0, color Siemens with MIDP-1.0 (except SX1).

Bombus Features

Cool Stuff
  • AnyView – ebook reader for mobile phones
    Anyview is a free ebook reader for mobile phones. Anyview is written in Java, therefore should run on any phone that supports Java, and supports the JSR-75 standard. It is known to run successfully on more than 100 phone models …
  • Marek Sedivy Bt Info v1.06 J2ME
    Controlling mobile phone and reading its informations (phonebook, SMS..) via AT commands Bluetooth . To connect via infraport add this address comm:ir0;baudrate=59600
  • Sound Recorder 1.0.1
    Sound Recorder is a simple sound recorder that can record sound until the free memory in the memory card is finished. The recorded music will be saved as .amr file on the memory card.
  • Received text messages
  • Contact Groups
  • Registration jabber- accounts
  • Support for an unlimited number of accounts, switching on the fly
  • Adding, deleting, editing user subscription (authorization)
  • Ignor-list
  • Lists of privacy (Privacy Lists)
  • Service Discovery
  • Conference (Multi-User Chat)
  • Support emoticons, the cutting off on the fly
  • Light / vibro / audio signals, the profiles of dynamic light Siemens M55
  • Setting priorities and the status of communications
  • Lock keys
  • Search ICQ and Jabber
  • Viewing and Editing vCard, box pictures
  • Remote management clients Jabber-
  • The handling of files (ZLib version)
  • Tight traffic up to 10x (ZLib version)




  1. nero rathnasekara

    how to download this bombus!

  2. For nokia n958gb softwar bombus

  3. i need bombus ryt nw

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