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Big Ear Digital Techno Peers

Big Ear Digital is a Media Roaming Profile (MRP) that provides the ability to upload your personal audio content such as music, lectures, talks, pod casts and allows you to access these on any device on any platform and in any location.
This service is revolutionary where it allows you to manage your content online and access it anywhere remotely via Mobile Devices such as Nokia N91, N92 (S60 series) and Sony Ericsson W810i, W900 (UIQ3 series).


  • Upload and store your music/audio collection online (1 gig for beta testing)
  • Stream your music directly to your mobile phones using GSM, GPRS, UMTS (3G) and WIFI
  • Access your music collection anywhere using any internet connection including from your mobile phone
  • Create and manage sub-accounts for peers and children (x 5 sub-accounts)
  • Exchange files with fellow Big Ears Digital Users; creating your own communities
  • Download and Stream your music in multiple formats: FLAC, MP3, OGG

You must visit www.bigeardigital.co.uk sign-up and register your mobile device before you can use this client.


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