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SpyManager For Java Phones

SpyManager is definitive solution to home video surveillance, it allows to capture snapshots and to send them by bluetooth to another phone or by email and reiceve snapshots from the web cam of your PC by SpyManager Server.


Cool Stuff
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  • Capture snapshot from your phone and send it by bluetooth or email.
  • Capture snapshots at predefined intervals of time or if movement is detected.
  • Receive images from phone by bluetooth.
  • Receive images from Pc webcam using SpyManager Server by internet.
  • Manage cam settings and image formats.
  • Manage stored images.
  • Manage SMTP settings and email recipients.
  • Manage Internet Setting to receive images from your pc.
  • Manage Security access with password.

Minimum requirement:
MIDP 2.0, Mobile Media API and Bluetooth API

SpyManager version 1.0.0


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