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Green Mail

Green Mail Symbian Application By Oleg Golosovskiy
The Symbian smart phones already have program for messaging – “Messages”. Primary difference between GreenMail and Messages:

Supported messages types:
SMS, EMail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 ), Fax, MMS, IrDaDocument, BlueToothDocument, Intellect SMS.

Cool Stuff
  • FingerPrint Scanner v2 (update)
    The new version enables you to Block all keypress when the FingerPrint screen is on top which makes the trick looks more real 😉 Phones Supported: Nokia 5800, N97, Samsung i8910
  • RealVista Desktop – Evolution
    RealVista Desktop is free FlashLite application that can change your phone style into Windows Vista without changing ANY system files or damaging your phone.
  • Battery Voice For Nokia N95
    Battery Voice created by rafaabrantes The application using the accelerometer, when you shake your phone – application “talk” how many points of battery there are still available. The program is in fese of development, but 100% functional, using the accelerometer …
  • Can group your messages by addressee.
  • Has SMS chat, while checking new mails it can, download not only your mail’s headers but all mail’s body in accordance by mail size limit.
  • Can copy and move your messages whenever and wherever you want . (Except your mailboxes).
  • Can create your folders in any places. (Except your mailboxes).
  • Can show date and time your messages were added into the subject line.
  • Can decode your message for some no standard codes.
    Has More feature for mail server synchronization.

  • Can type on additional languages into the SMS chat.
  • Check automatically new mails by timer.

GreenMail For S60