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Active Today v2.10

Active Today v2.10 Symbian Software ByCibenix
Active Today is a fantastic one-page personalized desktop providing an overview of today’s information and quick access to your key applications on the Nokia Symbian. The Active Today desktop can be viewed in two modes – normal or full screen, with full customization of background, font, and text colours.
The application allows full customization of the display – including choosing a background wallpaper and text font and colors, with an amazing full screen mode for additional personalization.

Additional features include an automatic keypad lock and setting the operator logo on the phone.

Task Switcher
Active Today includes an enhanced task switcher for the Nokia Symbian s60. The utility is invoked by pressing and holding the Menu key, and displays a list of the applications currently running on the phone, and their memory usage. The built-in Nokia Task Switcher can also be used.

Phone Integration
Active Today is fully integrated with the phone, and acts as a third “home” application. When Active Today is running the Menu key will switch between Active Today, the Phone application, and the Menu application. You can also set Active Today to toggle only between Active Today and the Menu application.

Software Active Today for Nokia Symbian S60

Active Today is now available in English, US English, Italian, German, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian and Dutch.