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AllTunes.Mobile For Java MIDP 2.0 Java (Jar/JAD)

The allTunes.mobile is a music catalog in your phone.
With allTunes.mobile you can find and choose a song you are interesting of, or an album, new hits from charts, favorite musician or group. All this is available without a PC – it is enough to have a phone.

We offer more than 500.000 tracks! It is possible to listen to any composition free of charge or download it is direct to your phone.

The basic advantages

  • The biggest catalog of music. The catalogue is refreshed daily and contains all novelties of the musical industry
  • Convenient search of music in the catalogue. It is enough to type a full or a part name of a composition/album/group in the search. – The catalogue is made in alphabetical order
  • Online sections “Best sellers” and the “Novelties”, allowing to be well informed about the newest and fashionable music
  • Preliminary listening of any composition. This service, as well as all mentioned before is free-of-charge for you. You pay only the traffic, according to your operator tariffs of of cellular communication
  • An opportunity to order any composition you liked and load this music directly to your phone
  • Compatible Devices
    Any telephone with support Java MIDP v2.0 and Java MP3 player

    Download allTunes.mobile for free!

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