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Guide How To Disable Signature From services.jar

How To Disable Signature Check Using Lucky Patcher
Download Lucky Patcher And Install
Open Lucky Patcher
Tap Toolbox – Patch To Android – Disassemble Signature Manager
Apply And Automatic Reboot

If you dont like using lucky patcher, you can using this tutorial to disable signature with decompile services.jar. here this tutorial:

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Decompile services.jar
Open smali\com\android\server\pm\PackageManagerService. smali With Notepad++
Find This Method :
.method static compareSignatures

Delete That Line Until Its End Method :
.method static compareSignatures([Landroid/content/pm/Signature;[Landroid/content/pm/Signature;)I
- Delete Until Its End Method
.end method

And Replace With :
.method static compareSignatures([Landroid/content/pm/Signature;[Landroid/content/pm/Signature;)I
.registers 9

const/4 v0, 0x0

return v0
.end method

Save and recompile


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