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How To Install Custom Font On Samsung Galaxy E5

When i say about customization Android OS always comes on the top of the list. The freedom of customization ranges from SystemUI to lock screen and RRO layers. However, one thing which many users don’t consider is that most of the customization requires root access. If the user doesn’t have root, he probably doesn’t have much freedom of choice. This means that the user can only change stuff like wallpapers or use third party launchers or apps to expand its range. But this can lead to significant performance drops and low battery life in some cases.

A cursive font can bring out a great informal look while a simple change to clean and straight fonts can give an official look to your device. Fonts mostly come preloaded onto themes created by different teams and most of them are really great. Most of us choose some elements of one theme and some of others. Because frankly speaking, its difficult to find a theme that is perfect in all aspects. So what to do?

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, a phone or tablet, enjoying new fonts becomes such an easy drill that even noobs can perform like a child’s play. At java-phones, we already have a great collection of hundreds of fonts for Galaxy devices, but all of them are there as individual apk files. You just have to install them and change fonts from device settings.

How To Install
Install the apk file from below. To apply the fonts, go to Settings> Display> Font Style and apply the desired font.

  1. font.agent.1.apk
  2. agincourt.1.apk
  3. americantype.1.apk
  4. bauhaus.6.apk
  5. benetaltroman.1.apk
  6. benguiatgothic.3.apk
  7. berrangerhand.4.apk
  8. blackmoor.1.apk
  9. bruschetta.1.apk
  10. avegibbons.3.apk
  11. davegibbonsjournal.1.apk
  12. equinox.3.apk
  13. .julietrose.3.apk
  14. koorkinpro.1.apk
  15. orrisfreestyle.1.apk
  16. mtlbc3.1.apk
  17. phatboi.3.apk
  18. segoeprintregular.1.apk
  19. showboat.1.apk
  20. spellcaster.3.apk
  21. storylinetypewriter.3.apk
  22. whimsy.3.apk
  23. zapfchancery.4.apk
  24. Frutiger+FlipFont.apk
  25. Humana+Sans+ICT+FlipFont.apk
  26. Koorkin+Bold+FlipFont.apk