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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 Without PC

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If you’ve used Linux, you may be familiar with the “root” or “super” user. This is a special user account that can write, move, and delete any file on the system. Since Android is based on Linux, it can also have this type of account. By enabling root on your Galaxy S II, you will be able to modify the phone’s firmware, opening the door to custom applications, themes, and even operating systems.

Third exploit “Aragorn” worked on my SGH-I777 GSII running the stock AT&T 4.1.2 that just came out. I updated through Kies.

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Here How to Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 Using Framaroot
– From your Galaxy S2 Go to settings > applications > development > and make sure USB debugging is enabled.
– Download and Install Framaroot.apk
– Open Framaroot and choose either Superuser or SuperSU (Which one you’re most comfortable with as both work) and then try to root with Aragron exploit.

– Reboot your device either by pressing a holding down power button and choose “restart”.
– Once you are back on your home screen open “Root Checker” and run the application. This will let you know if you have root access or not. Done!