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How To Root Sony Xperia V LT25i

Rooting your Sony Xperia V LT25i will give you further privileges that some apps may require, such as screenshot apps and system backup apps. Rooting is similar to an admin account on your computer – it allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s very easy to root your Sony Xperia V LT25i.

Before you can root, you need to do the following:
– You’ll need the Sony Xperia V LT25i USB drivers installed on your Windows PC.
– You’ll need your device in USB debugging mode. Go to Settings, then Applications, Development, and finally USB debugging. Check the box next to USB Debugging.

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  1. Download and extract Bin4ry’s rooting tool to your desktop (download link)
  2. Connect your device using USB cable. Make sure you’ve installed official drivers and enabled USB debugging mode
  3. Now go to the above Bin4ry folder on your desktop and run (double click) RunMe.bat file
  4. It’ll open a command prompt with green text. Basically, it will ask you to enable Normal Mode or special Sony Mode
  5. Press 1 and hit enter button
  6. Follow all the steps carefully. The process will reboot your device. The entire process will take few minutes