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LG G3 Keyboard.for AOSP Lollipop

The new keyboard from LG G3 is now available for Android devices running Lollipop (Android 5.0) or higher. This is a port which has been released by senior XDA member fLipz. The port has been successfully tested on a number of Android devices including Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

LG G3 Keyboard Preview

Cool Stuff
  • Build.prop InFocus M370 Lollipop msm8909
    # begin build properties # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh ro.build.id=LMY47V ro.build.display.id=00WW_1_120 ro.build.version.incremental=00WW_1_120 ro.build.version.sdk=22 ro.build.version.codename=REL ro.build.version.all_codenames=REL ro.build.version.release=5.1.1
  • Meizu M1 Note Qualcomm Build.prop
    # begin build properties # autogenerated by buildinfo.sh ro.build.id=KTU84P ro.build.display.id=Flyme OS ro.build.custom.internal.id=meizu_m71c.20150312.v1.0.01 ro.build.custom.internal.name=Meizu ro.build.version.incremental=Flyme OS ro.build.version.sdk=19 ro.build.version.codename=REL ro.build.version.release=4.4.4
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How to install LG G3 keyboard

  1. Download LG G3 Keyboard
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the internal/external SD card of your device
  3. Reboot the phone into recovery mode
  4. Perform Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  5. Install the keyboard
  6. Perform Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  7. Reboot the phone

When the device reboots successfully, it should have the LG G3 keyboard.

Note: After installing the keyboard, navigate to Settings >> Language & Input, from there select Default Keyboard to LG.

If the keyboard force closes, then go to Settings>> Apps and clear data of LG keyboard.