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Network Spoofer App For Android

Network Spoofer lets you mess with the internet on other people’s computers.
Network Spoofer lets you mess with websites on other people’s computers:
1)flip pictures
2)change Google searches
3)redirect websites
4)swap YouTube videos and many more features to come.

you just need debian-0.8.2.img.gz file about 104.3 MB
put it on sdcard/Android/data/uk.digitalsquid.netspoofer/files/img
– Open netspoofer -> setup & install
– press menu button, Use local file, then browse for the file. Just wait for the extraction progress
– Done!
If you have a problem, turn off the wifi before extraction

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* Root (superuser)
* Wifi
* 500MB SD card space

* Motorola Atrix (and any non-armel based CPU handsets)
* Droid X (solution being worked on)

Network Spoofer App For Android


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