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PACPerformance v1.6 – Kernel Application

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PACPerformance app is a tweaking tool to change various settings integrated on your kernel and different mods to your telephone.

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– Set on boot (with delay options)
– Notification Stats
– Time in state
– Kernel Information (Kernel, CPU, Memory)
– Advanced Stats (CPU and Memory with nice Graphs)
– CPU Voltage (supported devices)
– GPU 2D and 3D (supported devices)
– Screen (supported devices)
– I/O
– Kernel Samepage Merging (supported devices)
– LowMemoryKiller
– Virtual Machine
– Per App Mode
– Custom Commander (run your commands after booting like a init.d script)
– Backup Kernel/Recovery (supported devices)
– Build.prop editor

PACPerformance v1.6