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Spirit FM – FM Radio App For Android

Spirit FM Light is a FM radio app for android devices with Broadcom,Texas Instruments & Samsung Silicon Labs FM chips.

Light & Unlocked include:
– Lifetime technical support for as many devices as you own & questions you have.
– Stereo, Mono & alternative settings.
– Mute & Speaker support.
– 6 nameable presets.
– Status Bar & Notification window.
– Sleep function, Test functions, Email Logs, UI settings & RSSI graphic.
– And many more Light & Unlocked exclusive features to come !

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Unlocked adds:
– Enhanced technical support and attention to feature requests.
– RDS song info etc: RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF (RadioText, Program Service, Type, ID & Alternate Frequency).
– Unlimited Preset lists & nameable presets.
– Landscape mode, forced or automatic.
– Media button & CM lockscreen support for mute, volume & frequency.
– All UI settings, including antenna & station ID.
– And many more Unlocked exclusive features to come !

Spirit Free is a less capable free app, for compatibility testing and basic needs. Among other limitations, audio is always Mono (not Stereo).

Spirit FM Radio Free Apk
Spirit Light