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Tablet Talk – SMS On Android Tablet

Tablet Talk is a great SMS app for android tablets. this application allows to send and receive text messages using connecting your Android tablet and phone over Bluetooth or WiFi.

I use this for heavy texting and when I’m in meetings. The phone notifications are awesome because I can see who is calling while my phone is on my desk and I’m in a conference room.A must have for people with Android phones and tablets.

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General Features:

  • Quick reply popup windows: just like your favorite phone SMS app, quickly reply to messages without exiting what you’re doing!
  • Caller ID popup notifications
  • Fully functional SMS notifications
  • Automatically syncs contact names & photos from your Gmail account
  • Widget for one-click connect/disconnect
  • Customize ringtone & vibrate for SMS and Caller ID separately
  • Share websites, locations, links, & more using Android’s built in Share option
  • Support Emoticons

Tablet Talk – SMS On Android Tablet