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BBC iPlayer for Symbian

BBC iPlayer for symbian is an application for Nokia N95, E71, N85, N96 and 5800 which will allow users to download or streaming live TV and radio programmes from bbc.co.uk to their mobile phone and watch or listen to them for seven days after the transmission date.

BBC iPlayer is only available within the UK, and it depends on your phone and network as to how you can access programmes. At the moment, the service is in a trial (or beta) phase. Programmes can be played through a wifi connection and, for 3 UK or Vodafone customers, over a 3G network. The BBC is working to make BBC iPlayer available over more 3G networks.

You can get the iPlayer application, as always, by going to www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer in S60 Web. The site will serve you whichever version is appropriate.

Nokia N85 and N96 users may also download the content to your handset. When downloading select the ‘for portable devices’ option, save the downloaded programme to your computer, then copy it to your handset Additionally Sony Ericsson C905 and Samsung Omnia users are able to stream live TV and Radio programmes. At this stage on demand radio services are not available on these handsets.