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Best TaskMan v2.01 For Symbian S60 3rd edition

Running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, ‘Windows Alt-Tab’ style task switcher, a unique way to access favorite applications (Quickstart), running processes control, and many more advanced functions to explore.

Main Menu
Best TaskMan v2.01 For Symbian S60 3rd edition 1Open applications
This view shows the information about running applications. You can see what applications are running currently, switch to the needed application, get information about any running application, close some application or all applications at once. You may also see the amount of memory available at the end of the list.

Memory view
This view shows brief and detailed information about your device memory, phone disk and memory card

Quick start view
This view allows you to increase the productivity usage of your smartphone. You can place here all most used applications and access them very fast when you need them.

Task Switcher
TaskMan’s Task Switcher is an alternative way to cycle applications (that requires much less key presses to switch between applications). TaskSwitcher has the same look and feel as “Alt-Tab on Windows”. You can configure your own TaskSwitcher hotkey in ‘Settings’. Default hotkey for it is “Shift+Menu”.

Best TaskMan v2.01 For S60 3rd edition