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BibleReader 4.0 for BlackBerry

BibleReader is the software that enables that you read and study the Bible with your favorite Bible translations, commentaries, and study tools anytime, anywhere, with BibleReader on your BlackBerry.

BibleReader Features

Cool Stuff
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  • Read the Bible and Christian eBooks on your BlackBerry
  • VerseChooser allows quick and easy navigation within the Bible
  • Over-the-Air Installation lets you download titles straight to your BlackBerry
  • Word, Phrase, and Advanced Search lets you find exactly what you’re seeking. Our most powerful search function yet!
  • Shortcuts enable you to quickly access BibleReader features
  • Scrolling Options allow you to customize your Bible reading experience

BibleReader 4.0 for BlackBerry requires BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher. You must have a media card installed.

Go to www.olivetree.com/m on your BlackBerry’s mobile browser.


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  1. Well….
    I really don’t know anything about BibleReader 4.0 for BlackBerry…..Application in Java….!!
    Is there any kind of help for me…?
    Is there any ideas about it…?…What exactly it is..?..
    If any information, post here…..