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eOffice – Turn your BlackBerry into a Mobile Office

eOffice is a blackberry app that allows you to view, edit, and create Microsoft Word and Excel files on your BlackBerry.Using eOffice, you can send and receive documents and spreadsheets by email as attachments.eOffice also allows you to send, receive, and view PDF files*.With support Microsoft Office file formats: DOC, XLS, Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt), plus PDF, faxes and images.

eOffice comes with an unlimited, subscription free online storage where you can store Office files and access them on your BlackBerry.

Now compatible with the BlackBerry 5.0 operating system, providing the best viewing experience available on your Bold and Tour devices.

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eOffice for BlackBerry 4.7


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  1. For less than $15, I have unlimited online storage, a file manager with the ability to search for words inside of documents, the ability to create and edit Word and Excel documents, access to Google Docs built in (which I use frequently), fax and print functionality, a spell checker and dictionary, an email attachment program, and I saw a registry editor and ppt support, etc, etc. I expect to be discovering new functions a year from now! No problems whatsoever installing, registering, and activating. I had trouble connecting to Google Docs transiently, but my email to eOffice support through BB App world was answered and resolved my problem in less than 12 hours! For all the people who posted negative reviews without giving this program a chance (i.e., no contact with support), please don’t do that. This is a great program so far.