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eOffice v.4.7 for Blackberry Touch & Torch devices

eOffice 4.7 for BlackBerry Touch Devices enables users to edit native Word and Excel documents, preserving the integrity of the original document. This app also works with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, allowing files to be copied to the device for editing or sending via email.

eOffice 4.7 includes robust file viewing, support of PDFs, photos, Word, Excel and PowerPoint file types. Each are optimized for viewing on the device and use a magnifying solution to ensure users can view the details of every image, graph and table. In addition, consumers can print and fax documents and photos from their BlackBerry. eOffice also comes with unlimited, free online storage to enable easy access to office files directly from the device.

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  • Edit – Create and Edit your Microsoft Office Documents on your BlackBerry, Be productive while on the go.
  • View – Supports Microsoft Office file formats: Excel (*.xls), Word (*.doc)
  • Access – Documents are always available, always secure with Virtual Network Drive
  • Share – Email attachments using your phone
  • Collaborate – Real Time Google Docs Access files from your Google Docs account and collaborate with multiple users on the same project

eOffice 4.7 for BlackBerry Touch Devices