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Metro – Public Transport Guide for Blackberry

Métro is free public transport guide for your Blackberry phones.
Métro is currently available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and, with incomplete translations, in German, Italian & Portuguese.


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  • Fully assisted station search (various lists selection or text entry options)
  • Station list for each line
  • Recently used stations history
  • Operating hours management (in selected cities)
  • Places of interest: tourism, night life, … and detailed information (in selected cities)
  • Line deactivation option (in case of strikes or works)
  • Line colors in the stop list and in the calculation results
  • Contacts list interface (enter your contact’s subway stations only once)
  • Install only the cities you need (and save memory)
  • Extension card compatibility
  • City databases exchange through IR interface
  • Two different routes suggested (fastest and least connections)
  • More than 400 cities included, most of them with complete information,
  • including suburban systems, buses, trams, ferries…

  • Frequent updates (every month) for up-to-date information

MetrO 5.8.8 or just point the BlackBerry web browser to http://metro.nanika.net/MetroBB.php