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TrekBuddy For Blackberry

TrekBuddy For Blackberry is a J2ME app to be used with a GPS receiver. TrekBuddy can run on BlackBerry with OS 4.1 or greater. It has been successfully tested with Blackberry 8120 Pearl and BlackBerry Bold 9700.

It features capabilities such as:
– GPS tracking and simple navigation
– bitmap maps (without zoom, you can store bitmap maps with different resolution instead)
– arrange maps as atlas for increasing and decreasing resolution
– trackloging in NMEA or GPX format
– simple navigation (to a single waypoint or along a route)
– compas screen (HPS)
– cockpit screen (CMS)
– location sharing via SMS with other trekbuddies

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TrekBuddy for Blackberry OS 5.0 and higher
TrekBuddy for Blackberry OS 4.2 and higher


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  1. very good application for my blackberry.