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Bluff My Call Mobile For Blackberry

Bluff My Call Mobile is a free app for your iPhone or Blackberry that gives you complete control over your phone calls, allowing you to use ANY Caller ID, record your calls, disguise your voice, and more!

Bluff My Call is the first and only service that lets you use any Caller ID on the phone, do Voice Changing and Call recording Worldwide. We have local access numbers around the world and can make calls to over 950 international destinations. Although we are famous for letting people change their Caller ID, there are many other features we offer that you are also going to love.


  • Fake your Caller ID – Make it look like the White House is calling.
  • Change your Voice – Male or Female, they will never know who it is.
  • Record your Calls – Record and then email the recordings to all your friends.
  • Straight to Voice Mail – Never worry about having to talk to someone again.
  • 40+ Countries – Access numbers in over 40 countries.

Bluff My Call Mobile For Blackberry