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Caller App – Enable The Function

When you are in standby mode, tap “Phone” to enter the dial interface.

Smart contacts search and dial
You can dial a number using the dialpad or go to the contacts list, search for a contact and then call the
number. Search methods:

  1. Enter corresponding numbers for the first several letters of the name of the contact person. For example: To search “Tom”, please press “8 and 6”.
  2. Enter corresponding numbers for all letters of the name of the contact person. For example: to search “Angle”, please press “2, 6, 4, 5, 3”.
  3. Enter the contact’s number.

Redial a number in call history
Redial a number in call history, if you have dial a contact, under the dialpad interface, slide down to hide the dialpad and view more call logs.
This action can be performed for other functions. For details, please see Call in “Phone and Contacts > More actions”.

Phone from contacts list
You can tap in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialpad to display the “Contacts” list and select a contact to call. You can tap “Phone” to return to the dialpad.


Answer from locked screen
When the screen is locked, you can slide down to answer a call and slide up to reject. You can slide up “Reject and send SMS” to reject the call and send one of the preset text messages to the caller. If you tap “+Create new SMS”, you can edit and send a new text message to the caller, and the phone will hang up.

Mute incoming call ringtone
You can tap the [Volume button] to mute the ringtone of an incoming call. If the phone is placed horizontally and face up, you can turn it over to mute the ringtone. You can also choose to turn off the ringtone (Please go to “Settings > Phone > Flip mute” and make sure the function is enabled). When the incoming call ringtone is turned off, incoming calls can still be received and you can choose to answer the call.

Answer using headphones
If the headphones are plugged in when there is an incoming call, you can press the middle button on the headphones to answer the call. You can also long press the button to reject the call. When you have finished the call, press the middle button to hang up.


During calls
During a call, options will be displayed on the screen so that you can perform different actions.

Pause call
You can tap “Hold” to pause the current call and tap again to resume it. When a call is on hold, the cost of the call is the same as when not on hold.

During a call, you can tap “Speaker” to turn on the speakerphone. If a bluetooth headset is connected to the phone, the call will be answered using the bluetooth headset by default. You can also tap this key to change the answering method to normal answering (Using the handset earpiece) or answering with the speaker.

Adjust call volume
You can tap the [Volume button] to adjust the call volume.

Turn off screen
You can tap the [Power button] to turn the screen off or on. When the screen is turned off, call quality is not affected. Turning the screen off saves battery power and prevents accidental actions when touching the screen.

Calling in the background
You can tap the [Home button] to make the call run in the background. You can then perform other actions while on the phone, such as searching for contacts. If you need to go back to the call interface, tap the green status bar at the top of the screen.
You can also answer or make other calls when in the middle of a call. Before using this function, please go to “Settings > Phone >Call setting> Call waiting” and enable the function.

Make or answer another call
If there is another incoming call, you will hear short beep sounds, and the caller information and call options will be displayed on the screen. You can choose to answer or reject the call. If you answer the call, the previous call will be put on hold.
If you want to call another number, tap “Contacts” and choose a contact number. When you dial the number, the previous call will be put on hold.
You can tap “Switch calls” to switch between the two calls. When you talk on one line, the other line is put on hold.