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CaptureIt For Blackberry

CaptureIt For Blackberry 1
CaptureIt is a take a screenshot application for blackberry. with this application you can capture screenshots on your blackberry phone, and save a jpeg to your device.

If it showed white screen at the first time, 2 things you could do :

  1. keep capturing. it should be normal after 4-5 times.
  2. if its still showing white screen, try to delete CaptureIt (go to option – applications), do hard reset (by pulling the battery out), re- install CaptureIt, and do hard reset again(by pulling the battery out), and try again.

You can download our application OTA or load it via Desktop Manager. The application is available to all Blackberry devices with 4.3 os or higher.

Download OTA: http://m.thetechmogul.com
Desktop (alx) 1.3 Download Here