How to Change Emoji on Vivo to Newest iOS 15 Emoji

When we have conversations with other people on our Android phones, of course there will be a row of emojis that we can use when we chat. We can use this emoji to describe our expressions when chatting, there are expressions of laughing, smiling, crying, there are also emojis in the form of buildings, work,

How to activate screen by lifting like iPhone on Xiaomi

iphone does have cool features that are interesting, which will usually be followed by other mobile phone brands. One example is the notch feature which was originally only available on the iPhone X, now many Android phones have bangs / notches. In addition, the feature on Android that is similar to the feature on the

How to Link PUBG Mobile Account To Email Account

In the PUBG Mobile game, we can login using a Facebook account, Twitter account, Google Play Game account, VK account and guest account. When we login using our social media accounts, our game account is automatically safe and will not be lost when we change accounts. In the PUBG Mobile game, we can link our

How To Duet On Tiktok With Your Own Voice

TikTok is an entertainment application that is currently being widely used in various countries. Lots of people create content on TikTok. If in the past TikTok could only be used for dancing, now the use is expanding because the features are getting more complete every day. One feature that is currently being widely used is

How to Change Fonts on Samsung Android 10 for free

For the latest Samsung Android 10 smartphones with the One UI 2.1 version, it no longer supports custom fonts, that means you can no longer add and change fonts via third-party apps such as ZFont for example, but don’t worry because the zfont app still provides font replacement for Samsung Android smartphones. 10 with custom

Disturbed? Follow This Way To Block Ads While Playing Games

How to Block Ads in Games When we use Android phones, we often find advertisements in browsers and apps or games. Usually ads in apps and games appear if we use them for free, while ads in browsers appear because we don’t have a browser that can block ads. Although often considered annoying, the ads

How to move WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Currently, many WhatsApp users are moving to using Telegram as their chat app. Maybe this is the impact of the latest Whatsapp policy regarding privacy. To support WhatsApp users who are moving to Telegram, Telegram has updated the latest feature where WhatsApp users who are moving to Telegram can easily move their WhatsApp chats to