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cClock v1.17 update

Change log:

  • **Warning** Option “Battery and network” will drain more battery power in some model of Nokia phone

  • Please reboot after install. As cClock can’t unload the DLL itself.
  • Feature : Translate to Polish, Russian.
  • Bug fix : Further reduce power by set the parameter of the Partial Mode to “MostPowerSaving” if “Whole background” option is “No”.
  • Bug fix : If “Display percentage” is Yes and “Battery and network” is No, didn’t display profile.
  • Modify behavior : Change the background task of Battery and network piorities from “Standard” to “Idle”, this will save more power.
  • Modify behavior : Totally remove the background task of “Battery and network” detection if is not selected. This should be ensure the power consumption rate the same as 1.13!!!
  • Bug fix : Traditional Chinese resource display Simplify Chinese in lunar festivals.
  • Bug fix : If “Always on top” is Yes, sometime the “Unlock” prompt will cover bottom of the screensaver.

cClock v1.17