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ChangeFont – Change Font On BlackBerry

ChangeFont for blackberry allows you to quickly change the font of a screen on your BlackBerry device. It can be used for example when you compose an email message and want to read more of the characters on the screen. Or if you quickly give the device to someone who needs a bigger font. Through this app you don’t have to go to the Options and then to the Screen/Keyboard settings to change this.

ChangeFont 1.0



  1. Hi,

    Is changed font by this application are permanent for entire OS or these are specific for current running screen for temporarily basis.
    Please let me know ASAP & also let me know how to download this application.

    Thanks in advance
    Lokendra Goyal

  2. Hi,
    can u tell me how can i change blackberry font melodramatically in JDE4.7
    Which method you have used for implementing this application.i got stuck i
    need to resovle this isse asap.

    plz help me.