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UNOS PRO Beta is a Virtual SIM Midlet that enhances MIDP2.0 mobile phones with license-free push messaging functions.

UNOS PRO Beta is a FREE software program developed especially for mobile phones with unique features. Designed to streamline your life in a fuss-free way, UNOS PRO consists of 4 basic, easy-to-use functions:

Cool Stuff
  • WapAlta v3.13
    WapAlta is a mobile e-mail client with a lot of features, such as attaches auto-adaptation, great traffic compression etc.
  • WhatsApp – Messenger For Smartphones
    WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging app for for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones allows that replaces SMS and works through the existing internet data plan of your device.Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, …
  • JMS Snow v2.95
    JMS Snow is a FREE mobile application which allows you to send a JMS (java message) to other java enabled mobile phones. Insert a photo, edit the parameters, insert a scroll text and send a cool JMS with a snow …
  • S-MailS – A combination of SMS and E-mail, S-MailS is a FREE SMS* and FREE Push E-mail function. Just define your e-mail account and start getting e-mails pushed to your mobile phone. What’s more, you can even use S-MailS to send SMSes to any UNOS user in the world, for FREE! There is no subscription fee, no license fee and no minimal usage.

  • Voice – UNOS PRO has easy to use, yet powerful voice features. You can make and receive calls without paying high roaming charges. What’s more, you can make conference calls anytime, anywhere. Just enter your contacts, press CALL and everyone is connected instantly.
  • Favourites – With this feature, you’ll be able to view details of your UNOS account, check the weather, and very soon access to service deliveries from your bank, airline ticket booking and restaurant menu lists.
  • Contact – No matter which mobile phone model you use, UNOS PRO enables you to keep your existing mobile phonebook, and to be able to access that list anywhere in the world. It’s simple, just select a contact and call, S-MailS or invite.

UNOS compatible phones
Nokia, Sony Ericsson
For detail list visit here