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Blackberry Video Converter 1.13

Blackberry Video Converter by Seabyrd Technologies is a Simple yet powerful utility to put video on Blackberry devices. The Blackberry Video Converter works with: Blackberry 8800, Bold and Pearl 8100.

The Blackberry Video Converter uses the mencoder engine and supports many forms of video.


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  • Simple yet powerful
  • One-click quick convert feature
  • Supports many types of video
  • Supports DVD (.vob)
  • Easily choose aspect ratio
  • Easily adjust volume
  • Can use all available languages
  • Ability to pass custom arguments
  • Price (free)

The Blackberry Video Converter doesn’t work with the Pearl 8120 or 8130 and MOST Curves.

Blackberry Video Converter 1.13


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