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DJK Bluevoice Application For Java Mobile Phones

DJK Bluevoice is an application for voice chat using bluetooth.


  • the detectection of all bluetooh devices in your area;

  • the devices are identified by type (phone, pc, peripherall, misc, etc.);
  • the application shows you useful information about your device and about the device that communicate with;
  • you can send voice messages by using 1,3-keys (start/stop talking);
  • you can restrict the access to your own device using 5-key.

Requirements: MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0, Bluetooth API – JSR82, Media API – JSR135
To use this application with succes, you must have on your device “java bluetooth api – jsr82” and you must be able to play “amr voice content – jsr135”.

DJK Bluevoice



  1. i got a motorola w510… i downloaded the program but i just cant launch it.. it just dont work…. how can i turn on my bluethoot permanently in order of use this kind of apps? if u are familiarizated with MOTO u know that they hides the bluethoot after a while, that means.. .lost of conection.