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DJK-Microtext 1.3.1 Application For Java Mobile Phones

DJK-Microtext is a program designed for reading diverse documentations (text files) directly from the mobile phone. The program is designed for people in fond of reading and not only, you can always read a favorite book, a documentation or funny joke, no matter where you are.
DJK-Microtext 1.3.1 Application For Java Mobile Phones 1

  • backward and forward scrolling, line by line and page by page
  • background, foreground and scrollbars color chooser
  • zoom function (100% to 300%)
  • autoscroll, for automatic scroll at specified time interval (0 seconds to 20 seconds)
  • text rotation at 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees for optimal display
  • manual and automatic configurations saves
  • bookmarks;
  • words search function, in multiple files
  • multiple text files loading
  • SMS function, for sending messages with the content of current page
  • font options: bold, italic, plain, underline / small, medium, large
  • menu languages: Romanian, English, Italiano.

In order to load your own text file, you must do the following steps:

  • you must edit the text file with the desired documentation and it is saved by the name ‘file.txt’
  • the well known archiver WinZip is installed
  • you must edit the file named `file.txt` in the jar archive or add to archive others text files and then open them from application. (Jar archive is like zip – renaming .jar into .zip and vice versa is ok)
  • you can drag&drop the files you want or recreate the jar archive with well-known tools
  • you must install the application (.jar) on the mobile phone.

DJK-Microtext 1.3.1