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GCAM Redmi A1

Download GCAM Redmi A1 (Google Camera APK)

On the Redmi A1 smartphone we will find a dual lens with a 8MP main camera, and an additional 0.08 MP (QVGA) lens that comes with features such as Photo, Portrait, Short Video, Time Lapse, Tilt-Shift, and Video.

In addition, the phone has a 5MP front camera and offers a fairly comprehensive camera mode. With AI features, we can now make facial adjustments quickly and easily. We can also edit photos like a pro, and produce perfect photos in a variety of conditions.

If you want to take stunning photos in a dark room, now you can with the innovative in-display lighting built-in photo studio, which maximizes every selfie at night.

With this, we can bring the subject into focus and blur perfectly. However, perfection belongs to God, and in some cases the results may fall short of expectations.

Even so, it is still possible to improve them with the help of third-party camera apps such as Google Camera and Open Camera. But what we will discuss is about how to install Gcam on Redmi A1.

What’s GCAM (Google Camera)?

GCAM is a sophisticated camera application that allows us to take photos and record Full High Definition quality videos. This application is a mod version of Google Camera.

As information, Google Camera is the stock camera for Pixel smartphones. So, by installing this application, the quality of our Redmi A1 photos will match the Pixel phones made by Google which are known for their reliability in terms of cameras.

Download GCAM Xiaomi Redmi A1

To install Google Camera on Xiaomi Redmi A1, we need a Gcam application that supports our phone. Because, this camera application is available in various types such as Nikita, XDA, BSG, Bulkin and so on. And all of them are not necessarily compatible with the Redmi A1.

Gcam Redmi A1 Greatness

Developer Greatness
Version v2.5
Download GCAM 2.5 Special APK

GCAM Redmi A1 Shamim

Developer Shamim
Version v3.6.455
Download Gcam 3.6.455 APK

How to Install GCam on Redmi A1

If you have completed the download process, you can now directly install the Gcam APK file on your Redmi A1 smartphone. In addition, it can also be done manually using a file manager.

  1. Please open the File Manager application.
  2. And next select Internal storage then open the Download folder.
  3. Next install the GCAM apk by clicking on the file.
  4. If it is installed, go to the homepage and launch the Google Camera application.

If you experience a failure during the installation process and an application warning from an unknown source appears, just tap the Settings button and activate Allow from this source.

Final Thoughts

Now you can try using Gcam and see the results, does the photo quality get better?

That’s how to download and install Gcam on Redmi A1. You can simply choose one of the Google camera apps we shared above. After trying it, share your opinion about this application in the comments column.