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DROS v0.53 J2ME Application For Java Mobile Phones

Relive the glory days of 80s computing on your phone with this DOS like shell and BASIC interpreter.


  • DOS like command shell providing a set of simple commands such as copy, move, delete and list.

  • Ability to create/edit and run batch files
  • BASIC interpreter with graphics and file support
  • BASIC editor for creating/editing and running BASIC source files
  • It’s free!

Compatible Phones

  • Sony Ericsson phones starting with the K750 (K750, W800, K600, K608, V600, Z520, W600, W550, W900, W810, Z530, W300, K510, K310, K610, K800, K790, W950, M600 and P990).

  • Nokia Series 60 (Symbian) phones starting with the 6630 (N71, N70, N80, N92, N90, N91, E60, E61, E70, 3250, 6630, 6680, 6681 and 6682).
  • Nokia Series 40 phones starting with the 6230i (6111, 6230i, 6270, 6280 and 7370)
  • Nokia Series 80 phones starting with the 9300, 9500
  • Siemens phones starting with the 75 Series.

Other manufacturers phones may work but have not been tested.

DROS v0.53