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Easy Guide To Root OPPO R5 Without Computer

Oppo make some amazing smartphones that are popular in the Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other countries around the world. Their number one handset in the Oppo range at the moment is the OPPO R5 and today I’ll show you how to root it so you can tinker with the OS, install a custom recovery, custom ROM and root-only apps from Google Play.

Tutorial Root Oppo R5 Without Computer

  1. Download and install Oppo Tools on your device
  2. Run Oppo tools
  3. There is some options tab (Tools, Common and Flash), tap at Common
  4. In Common option select Root, Oppo tools will ask you to install OppoToolsPugin application, tap on button to install
  5. After installation, Open it, and click One Key Root
  6. Wait until root process finish
  7. Once you are granted the root privileges, root the smartphone manually yourself and the root is done.