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ETI Camcorder 2 for Nokia 6600/6620/3230/6260/6670/7610

Why settle for ugly looking 10-second videos with no sound? With ETI Camcorder you can turn your mobile phone into a true portable digital camcorder! Unlimited video recording with Megapixel quality @ 15fps has been achieved on your Symbian OS 7.0 cell phones; with MMC card installed, you can even take hours of video with your mobile phone! These videos are captured in high quality and can be transfered to a PC for viewing (with FREE PC based converter). Never miss that precious moment anymore!

ETI Camcorder program contains two applets: Camcorder and My Videos. Camcorder is the main recording applet. It’s a single-purpose tool that handles only recording related tasks. My Videos is a video management applet. With this tool you can view and manage video clips captured by the Camcorder applet. It also allows you to send video clips via MMS, e-mail, infrared, and Bluetooth.

* Fully skinable interface, user can create own skins;
* Standard AVI file output;
* No compelling waiting time between capturing actions;
* 3 capturing profilse built in, users can define own profiles;
* Display and manage the video with thumbnails.

Audio video specification:
* Real-time recording, no waiting after pressing STOP;
* High quality speech audio codec (mono 16bit 8000Hz);
* MPEG-4 compliant high quality video (can be stretched to 1024×768 full screen)
* High frame rate (8 and 14 fps depends on PROFILE selection)