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Facebook For Blackberry Smartphones

Facebook For Blackberry Smartphones 1
The Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones makes it even easier to share life’s special moments while you’re on-the-go.You can get Facebook messages and updates as soon as they arrive, see profile pictures when your Facebook friends call, send Facebook messages from your BlackBerry smartphone’s contact list and upload photos right to Facebook.


  • View your friends’ highlights like status updates, photo uploads, comments and wall posts.
  • Check out your friends’ profiles with access to status updates, wall posts, friends and recently added pictures.
  • Open recently added photos or entire albums, or tag photos of friends. You can even comment on pictures.
  • Receive instant notifications on your BlackBerry smartphone’s home screen.
  • Send/receive messages or wall posts, pokes and friend requests.
  • Update your status and view and comment on your friends’ status.
  • Share photos from your BlackBerry smartphone with tags/comments and post to Facebook with just one click.
  • Connect your Facebook friends with your BlackBerry Address Book—including profile picture integration to bring new meaning to caller ID.
  • Stay organized with birthday reminders and event integration into your BlackBerry Calendar.

System Requirements
To use Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, you require the following:
– A wireless data service plan from your wireless service provider
– A Facebook account.
– A BlackBerry smartphone with 64 MB of memory 590 KB of available smartphone memory
– BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.21 or later

Visit www.blackberry.com/facebook from your smartphone to download.