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FaceWarp Application For Java Mobile Phones

FaceWarp is a unique software for camera phones. Using leading image processing technology, it offers one of the funniest products on the market today. Fully automatically, it finds the faces in pictures and deform them using an built in library of warp filters.

FaceWarp Application For Java Mobile Phones 1Face Warp for JAVA uses advanced face detection technology to find faces in a picture and then warp the faces in different ways, e.g. by giving the faces a very big smile. The application can use the mobile phone’s built-in camera to take pictures or the application can load images from mobile phone’s file system. Warped faces may be saved to file system or sent as MMS from within the application. This version of Face Warp is built on Java using some of the latest JSR extensions to the JAVA platform. –. The required JSR’s are:

* JSR135 – Mobile Media API including camera support
* JSR75 – Accessing the file systems
* JSR205 – Wireless Messaging API 2.0


FaceWarp for JAVA