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FileManager Pro 1.5 For Blackberry

FileManager Pro 1.5 For Blackberry 1
File Manager Pro is file and Zip archive manager for BlackBerry, you can manage your files easily and quickly. In addition, File Manager Pro allows you to open, create, extract and append to Zip archives that are today’s de facto standard for distributing compressed files.

With the integrated Text Editor you can easily edit and view your text files, or any file you select to Open as Text. With features such as an advanced Find & Replace, multiple Zoom levels, easy text selection and navigation, managing your text files will be simple.

File Manager Pro fully supports the Blackberry Storm, with features such as double and triple tap selections, multi-touch selections, and swiping for fast scrolling.

Using your BlackBerry browser, go to http://m.terramobility.com/fmp to download File Manager Pro wirelessly.

Desktop installation:
1. Click this link to download the FileManagerPro.zip file.
2. Extract its contents to a temporary folder.
3. Cnnection your BlackBerry smartphone to your PC using the USB cable.
4. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application on your PC, and use its Application Loader to select the FileManagerPro.alx file to install to your device.