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Finanz Symbian Software By Kylom
Business and finance calculator with currency conversion for Nokia Series 60.

Now you can do it the clever way on your smartphone: open one of the 12 screens of Finanz, enter 2 or 3 data, and let Finanz calculate the missing number, all this with the minimal number of actions on the keyboard and on the joystick.

If you want to change one data and re-do the calculation, you will also do it with a minimal number of strokes. And you can “reverse” any calculation, like with the “solver” of a spreadsheet: “what should this parameter be, if I want the result to be this instead of that, all other things being equal…?” Each screen of Finanz operates like a little spreadsheet, with a big difference: each cell is alternatively a data entry cell and a calculated cell.

for Nokia Communicator 9500 and Smartphone 9300 9300i Finanz Series 80 Version 1.13
for Nokia 6600, 7650, 3650, 7610, 3230 Finanz Series 60 Version 2.00