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Fortress SMS v1.30

FortressSMS Symbian Software By Silicon Village
Fortress SMS is a phone based application to send and read encrypted SMS text messages. The messages are encrypted prior to transmission and can only be read by the intended recipient on entry of the correct password.

Fortress SMS v1.30 1Features include:
* Phone to phone SMS message encryption that is service independent.
* Advanced Encryption Standard compliant.
* Messages stored encrypted.
Fortress SMS v1.30 2* Phone based application, compose, send and read on the phone.
* Supports long (concatenated) messages (up to 304 characters of plain text).
* Supports multiple recipients.
* Digest based integrity checking of the encrypted message.
Fortress SMS v1.30 3* Supports Unicode character sets.
* Simple and easy to use – simply compose the message, enter a password and send. To read simply select the message, enter the correct password and read.

Supporting manufacturers include Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung and Sendo.
Current Series 60 handsets include :
Nokia 3600 Nokia 3620 Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6630 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650 Nokia N-Gage Panasonic X700 Samsung SGH-D700 Sendo X Siemens SX1

Fortress SMS For Symbian S60 2nd Edition