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Fitness2me 1.0

Fitness2me is a cellular phones application, written in j2me.The application uses GPS receiver by BlueTooth connection, and gives the user details about his fitness activity, as he can get by using walking/running machine or exercycle.

Some of the details are:
– Burned calories calculator according to fitness activity (Walking, Running, Biking). The
calculator is based on the user’s weight and the activity duration.
– Current velocity and velocity average.
– Activity distance.
– Activity duration.
– Time & Date.
– Heading azimuth.
– Current location details (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude(.
– Vocal Speech of the activity details (Burned calories, speed and distance).

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In addition, the application has 3 views of the user’s activity trail:
– Screen fitted trail view.
– Real trail view, with keys movement and resizing, automatic rotation according to activity
– Trail Heights view.
The user can add Way Points in a trail, save / load trails, and also export trails to KML format
which can be viewed in Google Earth.

Application requirements:
*Cellular Phone:
The application was developed and tested only with Nokia phones with S40 & S60 platforms.
Some of the phones models tested are : 6233, 6280 and N95.
In the beginning, the application worked on Nokia 6230, but after adding new features, it
The Device must support CLDC-1.1 configuration, and MIDP-2.0 Profile, JSR-75 (File Connection API) for exporting KML files, and JSR 82 (Bluetooth API) for connection with the GPS receiver.
*GPS receiver:
The application was tested with 2 GPS receivers of GlobalSat, models : BT-338, BT-359W.
needs to be performed only once after installing it on the phone).

Fitness2me 1.0


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