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goText v2.0 – SMS over GPRS

goText is a free software for mobile phone that lets you send SMS, MMS and email for free, paying only a little amount due to the data transferred via GPRS, usually in the order of 1-2 cents, to WORLDWIDE mobile numbers!

This is a summary of changes from version 1.0:

  • Support for image confirmation codes (captcha)

  • Support for sessions (used to speedup sends)
  • Auto saving of last message
  • Improved character counting
  • Long messages are supported also on old mobile phones
  • SMS synch with website counters
  • Monthly sms limit count when needed
  • Less clicks to send a sms message
  • Speedup for Db operations
  • Better service list handling
  • Lots of other improvements and fixes

goText is a MIDP 1.0 application, it should work on all mobiles with Java support.

goText v2.0 – SMS over GPRS


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