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GTalk Instant Messenger For J2ME Phone

GoTalkMobile is GTalk instant messenger (IM) client for your J2ME-enabled cell phone. It’s used for sending and receiving Google Talk and Jabber instant messages just like SMS, via GPRS at no additional cost! It’s written in J2ME, and we have MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0 compatible versions.

GoTalk Mobile Features

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  • Talk to PC Google Talk users!
  • It’s much faster than SMS!!
  • GoTalkMobile is completely secure!
  • Run GoTalkMobile on your phone and PC and be always online!
  • It’s like SMS, but 100 times cheaper! Forget about SMS with GoTalkMobile!
  • Talk to cell phones’ users!
  • It’s free. Use it, copy it, send it to your friends for free!
  • GoTalkMobile runs minimized in the background!
  • Minimize GPRS traffic cost: GoTalkMobile compresses all its traffic between you and server!
  • Contains NO ADS and NO SPYWARE.

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