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KD Player 0.9.5 (English Version)

What’s New in version 0.95

Cool Stuff
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1. Added the equalizer for new phone models (the list of supported phones can be viewed HERE)
a. Adjusting Bass and Treble
b. The possibility of manual
c. The opportunity to create their installation
d. 4 standard installation (Rock, Pop music, Classical, Jazz)
2. New feature Play / Pause button for camera phones at SE.
3. The error in setting downloads AlbumArt
4. Changed definition size of the file in the window “Information”
5. Partially changed work with the keyboard on UIQ 3.0
6. Partially changed menus and display text in help

KD Player 0.9.5 (English Version)



  1. Can I downloand kd player indonesian version?

  2. is there any app that can make k790i play avi videos?

  3. can you post for me a video converter for my walkman phone?

    There are some videos i cant watch on my phone and i need to convert them … i think >.< Please, Thank you

  4. can you expand the 0.9.5 version with equalizer on sony ericsson K series models like K550i to K810i? im using K810i model and my friend has K550i model we want equalizer on our KD player installed in our phones so that we can enjoy the music played in KD player. this music player is the best!! Tnx man and keep it up!!..

  5. hey im in need of radio player with equlaizer for sony wrricson W995,

  6. Hi there…
    Can someone help me to find any free skin kd player for my sony k550i..? I got some in easter-eggs website, but can I get some from another website..? and where is it..?