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Live Media for Mobile v1.3.7 J2ME

Live Media for Mobile is a new and free Peer to Peer self-broadcasting service that allows you to view slideshows, webcams and download shared files from either your own private PC or from public global broadcasters.

Live Media Features

Cool Stuff
  • ChronoTimer
    This is a small app that includes a chronograph / stop watch and a reverse timer with both analog and digital display. Nice to have, and it takes up hardly any space.
  • SimOne :Human-Simulator RoBot For j2me
    SimOne (Simulation One) is a human simulator roBot for j2me platforms – able to talk and to act like a person. You can easily interact with SimOne by asking her about the time,let her wake you up in the morning …
  • MTextReader v2.2
    MTextReader is a text file (.txt) reader for Java-enabled cellphones, it has the following Features
  • Live image streaming from your webcam/phone camera
  • Live Peer to Peer Slideshow broadcast
  • Peer to Peer File Sharing, video, photos, ringtones, office docs etc
  • Private broadcasting to a select audience of your choice.
  • Public broadcasting
  • Live Talk™
  • Instant Messaging
  • Multiple video chat rooms
  • Insert your own Adverts/Promotions into broadcasts
  • Works safely through restricted areas / firewalls
  • Welcome Image
  • Welcome Voice Message

Live Media for Mobile v1.3.7 J2ME



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