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Meteo-si Weather v1.61

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Meteo-siis a freeware World mobile weather forecasts, current weather and satellite pictures on mobile phone (Wind speed & direction, Temperature, Humidity, Cloud cover, Rain, satellite) and maps

Supported mobile weather forecasts:
-World: GFS 55 km (for 72 hours: Wind speed&direction, Temp, Rel.humidity, Cloud cover, Rain, 2.000.000 locations),
-The Adriatic: Aladin 10km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction),
-The Adriatic/Istria: Aladin/ DADA 2.5km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction),
-Slovenia: Aladin 9.5km (for 48 hours: Wind speed&direction).

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Data is updated from GPRS/3G and WIFI connections and should work with any Java MIDP enabled device.

Meteo-si Weather v1.61