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Mobile London Street Map v.0.3

What’s New in version 0.3:
– Street index location more accurate.
– Supports two streets with same name (but not three!).
– Added help.
– Can select reselect map file location.
– Press # to go to map centre.
– Speed improvements.

This map consists of a large proportion of the London A-Z street map from streetmap.co.uk.

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  • Smooth scrolling street map of lots of London. This uses images from streetmap.co.uk.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • You can search for streets. This sometimes doesn’t work, but usually it does. Uses data from openstreetmap.org.

Tested Works With: Nokia 6300; Sony Ericsson K610i, K800i, K850i and C902.

Mobile London Street Map v.0.3