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Morange Mobile Client v3.3.2

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Morange connects all the dots in your digital life and brings ‘integrated experience’ to your phone. For example, you can chat with friends on MSN, Google Talk, read and reply emails, read blogs and news… all from this thin mobile software.


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  • Listen to your Favorite Podcast podcast on your phone!
  • Read News, Blogs with Full-Text & Picture RSS support!
  • Chat on the go: ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger & QQ…!
  • Search friends by Gender, Age and Location in the Mobile Social Network
  • Remote PC Access from you phone!
  • Self-Customization: just go to “Settings–> Components” to select your components!
  • Take a picture with phone Camera and share with buddies.

  • Removed unpopular componment Calendar and Task.
  • Automatic network detection : GPRS/WiFi/WIF/3G/WAP
  • Push Mail, access your mail like blackberry from anywhere!

Mobile Device Requirements for Morange J2ME Client
* RAM (Heap Size) must be larger than or equal to 800KB.
* JAR size limitation must be larger than 350KB.
* Support for JSR-75 (for importing contacts and downloading mospace files) is optional.

Morange Mobile Client v3.3.2